Illuminating the Predictive Path

January 10, 2020

Every prospective student embarks on a decision journey that can be predicted. At Inroads Analytics we call this the predictive path.

Although similar overall, each institution tracks its own set of markers along the path, from Prospect to Enrolled to Graduate. The goal of predictive analytics is to forecast student progression for each stage of the journey. This provides enrollment managers the insights necessary to formulate an actionable strategy, and pursue the prospective students that best fit the institution’s target objectives. The inSuite Educate product by Inroads Analytics illuminates the predictive path that will lead them to your door, and encourage them to stay.

Predictive analytics is a multidimensional tool with many beneficial applications. Enrollment managers can use it to identify the most significant determinants of why students choose their institution. It can be used to shape an incoming class for diversity, major, or fulfilling organizational mission. Projections for which students are likely to struggle, and what interventions should be taken to retain them are available. What-if scenarios will help optimize aid offers and reduce tuition discounting. These and many other applications are invaluable in today’s volatile higher ed market environment.

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