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Persuasive Communication

Course Overview

Equip your team to navigate difficult conversations and reach optimal conclusions. Designed for enrollment professionals of all levels, this training module explores the most common decision making profiles, ways to flex communication and utilize intensive persuasion techniques to lead prospects down the funnel.


  • Participants will develop consultative questioning techniques to assess key decision factors.
  • Participants will learn how to ethically adapt their messaging to broaden their appeal to a diverse prospect pool.
  • Participants will understand the 4 common information processing types and practice the applicable communication flexes.


Our training modules are designed to be half-day learning opportunities, delivered onsite or remote. Customized training workshops can also be provided.

Curriculum Design Elements – With live instruction through a series of customized modules, our instructors embrace a comprehension, reflection, application learning model. This model allows information and strategies to be shared (comprehension), adequate time for participants to evaluate where that information can best be applied to maximize impact in their own work (reflection), and encouragement to practice new skills in a safe and controlled environment (application). 


Inroads Analytics is committed to providing quality learning and development programs that position your enrollment teams to win. We partner with each of our campuses for ongoing assessment of training objectives to ensure that mutual objectives are met.

  • A survey immediately following the training to measure reaction
  • A survey 30 days following the training to measure learning over time
  • A behavioral evaluation tool for the director of admissions (if desired)
  • Current and end of year enrollment funnel data compared to goals

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