Confronting the College Enrollment Decline

December 2, 2020

Recent Clearinghouse data on higher education enrollment was not positive. Undergraduate enrollment declined 4.4% overall compared to fall 2019, with first-time freshman dropping a considerable 13%. The enrollment cliff has, in a sense, arrived early.   

Higher Ed has become highly competitive. Fortunately, there is a way to improve your institution’s ability to meet both established admissions goals and revenue needs. Employing predictive modeling, in combination with a proactive enrollment approach and a high-impact recruiting team will help you turn insights into wins.

Predictive modeling is simply a set of statistical tools for intelligently estimating future outcomes based on known information. The actionable insights delivered to your admissions team are the foundation for a fresh approach.

proactive enrollment approach (as opposed to a reactive one) means you don’t wait for prospects to take a specified action that subsequently triggers some form of engagement on your part. Rather, you assess them individually along the enrollment path and pursue them before they even take the desired action. 

The final piece is the development of a high-impact recruiting team that can take advantage of the predictive insights and work the proactive approach to create wins. Train your counselors and recruiters with strategic sales methods and provide clear guidance to drive daily workflow. 

Implementing this 3-pronged strategy will vastly improve your capacity to accomplish your target enrollment objectives in such a competitive environment. At Inroads, we stand ready to help you create enrollment wins with predictive analytics and strategic sales training for frontline admissions.

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