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Full-funnel Predictive Analytics for
Student Recruiting & Retention

Analytics Offerings

Timely and relevant insights are the building blocks of smart, effective enrollment management. Engage traditional, nontraditional and graduate students at a higher level with our suite of intelligent tools for frontline teams.


Intelligently create enrollment wins at each stage of the recruiting funnel

rAdmit was built to place the power of predictive modeling and machine learning into the hands of your frontline admissions and marketing teams. A 24-hour data refresh enables clear daily guidance at every phase of the enrollment funnel. Equip your counselors to identify best-fit prospects and translate predictive insights into enrollment wins.


Identify promising new recruiting markets and strategically target spend.

rMarket is the fast, affordable predictive analysis tool that institutions are using to discover untapped recruiting markets. Know exactly which geographic areas or high schools have the best potential to produce a student. Then leverage your existing enrollment data to intelligently target travel, recruiting events, and strategic marketing and name buys.


Discover students at risk of leaving and why.

rRetain employs multiple predictive models and hundreds of student data variables to accurately predict the likelihood of persistence from term to term. We all want to see students complete their higher ed journey with that certificate or degree. When you can identify those at risk of leaving, along with the associated factors, you can implement retention efforts that boost their chances to graduate.






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The actionable insights from rAdmit have transformed our team into a professional selling unit. We can now proactively engage ideal prospects at all stages of the enrollment funnel, and effectively encourage them to move forward.

- Nathan Baker, VP Enrollment