Accomplish more with less?

November 12, 2020

Recent findings by PEW research show that overall employment in US public higher education has fallen 13.7% since February 2020. A few states are seeing losses in excess of 20%. This is worse than most other major industries. Enrollment teams that were already competitively pressured are now being challenged to accomplish more with fewer resources and a leaner staff. Fortunately, you can invest in tools that both generate a positive ROI and significantly improve the effectiveness of your existing team in this era of furloughs and budget cuts.

Taylor University was facing a similar problem back in 2017. The admissions staff was struggling to traverse an expanding prospect pool while operating with 3 fewer full-time employees. By leveraging the power of predictive analytics they were able to dissect the pool and focus their limited resources on reaching students with the best-predicted potential of advancing through the funnel. Not only were they able to cover the workload, but they found that the number of meaningful conversations with prospects had increased six-fold.

Providing actionable insights and guidance to drive the daily workflow of the group at Taylor increased effectiveness while reducing the stress associated with being overextended.

Predictive analytics puts the power to intelligently allocate limited resources directly into the hands of your frontline admissions personnel, saving time and money. Learn more about efficiently creating enrollment wins for your team!

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