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New Counselor Academy

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This strategic training rapidly equips learners with consultative selling skills to elevate student engagement for today’s competitive enrollment environment.

Develop counselor confidence and immediately improve effectiveness in building relationships, structuring interviews, overcoming objections, setting goals, and managing the funnel through follow-up communications.

This course is ideal for newer grad and undergad counselors. Includes a 1-on-1 coaching session with the instructor to reinforce the learning objectives.


Build Counselor Confidence

Gain a competitive edge

Instill a goal-oriented mindset

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

Improve Prospect Engagement

Increase Enrollment Yield

Build Counselor Confidence

Improve Prospect Engagement

Increase Enrollment Yield

I went into the training thinking it would be general sales tips, and instead, it was dynamic and relevant to enrollment!

- Olivia, Associate Director of Admission


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