About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Inroads Analytics was formally launched in October 2019 with a belief that joining people with data will transform an organization. We envision frontline teams empowered with data science and decision science to consistently translate insights into enrollment wins.

Our Approach

We bring together a dynamic combination of data strategy, accessible predictive analytics, and academic sales development. These form the foundation to recruit, enroll and retain best-fit students. 

Our Methods

Inroads Analytics was born as a joint venture between Taylor University and a team of technology leaders with proven results in cloud software. We operate with the understanding that data can be slanted to manipulate us to see relative truth instead of the real truth. A fascinating book by Cathy O’Neil called “Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy” lays out real-world scenarios showing how big data has been misused for personal gain and social manipulation. At Inroads, we strive to go about our business with integrity and transparency.

Our hope is that our clients will embrace the future as we partner with them to reach their organizational goals. Begin your enrollment transformation with us today!

Our Guarantee

Inroads Analytics will partner with you to honestly assess your unique data and process related challenges.
You have our steadfast commitment to the secure and ethical handling of your institutional data that has been entrusted to us.

We promise to listen carefully as we work to deploy the best possible predictive analytics solution to meet your needs.


Client success is the foundation for long-term collaboration. We will work diligently with you post-implementation to ensure that opportunities for transformative results are identified, incorporated and attained.

We believe in the power of people joining with data to transform an organization. Whenever we engage with you, we want you to see that we are in the trenches right beside you. Together we can achieve the highest levels of profession and calling to the benefit of your institution.

- Gerald Stanley, CEO

Our Leadership