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Predictive Analytics
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Learn how predictive analytics and a proactive approach enables a high-impact recruiting team to turn insights into enrollment wins!

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inSuite Educate

inSuite Educate is a versatile SaaS cloud solution that provides clear guidance to drive daily workflow and accomplish your team’s target enrollment objectives. Proactively recruit, enroll and retain best-fit students while shaping your incoming class to maximize net tuition revenue!


Empower frontline admissions to turn predictive insights into enrollment wins


Discover students at risk of leaving and why, so you can intervene


Identify promising new recruiting markets and make strategic name buys

How It Works

Inroads Analytics Will

  • Aggregate & Prepare Your Data
  • Build Your Custom Predictive Models
  • Integrate With Your Existing Systems
  • Provide Ongoing Training & Support
  • Transform Your Enrollment

Features & Benefits

Precision Targeting

Drill down with comprehensive predictions for each student at every phase of the lifecycle and focus your promotional efforts on high priority targets.

Real-time Analysis

Take control with intelligent modeling tools to drive ad-hoc scenarios and perform daily analysis of the most current prospect data.

Actionable insights

Put your team to work each day with clear direction to pursue the prospects with the best potential to move forward.

Scholarship Optimizer

Reduce your unfunded tuition discount using what-if scenarios to predict the impact of financial aid offers on a student’s decision.

Accessible Interface

Enjoy unlimited access to an intuitive dashboard with flexible web viewing on any device, or opt to have reports pushed directly to your preferred CRM.

Resource Allocation

Efficiently balance your people and dollars based soundly on the probability of prospect enrollment.

Professional Services

Our partnership goes well beyond the software to help you achieve your enrollment objectives.

Data Strategy

Inadequate IT resources? No problem. Inroads Analytics will assess, aggregate, and mine your data for you. We integrate with your existing systems and push the data back to your preferred CRM such as Slate, Salesforce, Blackbaud, LeadSquared, or TargetX.

Inroads Academic Sales Development

Implementing a proactive enrollment approach and a high-impact recruiting team is a must for success in today’s competitive market. Inroads Analytics offers both onsite and remote strategic sales training to ensure your admissions team is prepared to take full advantage of our predictive insights.

Case Study

Taylor University

Many institutions are struggling with changing demographics and a shrinking applicant pool. Learn how rAdmit enabled Taylor University to sustainably meet these challenges and transform their strategic enrollment management model using predictive analytics.
Take a deeper dive into our predictive analytics platform by viewing our webinar Jumping the Enrollment Cliff

Why rely on expensive third-party research firms to analyze your enrollment data?

You not only lose visibility in the process, but their reporting cycle can’t possibly keep up with the movement of prospects within your enrollment funnel.
Take control with precision tools to drive real-time scenarios and perform ongoing daily analysis on the most current data available.
Stop guessing! Spend your budget more effectively and empower your team to act by bringing the analysis in-house.

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